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It’s our approach that sets us apart at TruLine – we prefer to work in a co-operative approach to design, and always focus on delivering healthy & happy homes.

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Integrated Project Delivery

In our experience, no one person has all the answers. By assembling your project team as early as possible we are able to ensure we can develop a design that maximises your wants, maintains the architectural intent, stays on budget and mitigates any unforeseen issues as early as possible.

As well as your architect/designer, we will look at bringing in the engineer, energy consultant or PH designer and specific trades to give advice on the site specifics and the design as it takes shape.

Most of this happens behind the scenes so you as a client only have one or two points of contact. This also enables us to have a accurate budget prior to submitting for design approval.

Designing Your Project

Need a Building Designer or Architect?

If you already have a preferred architect or building designer that you want to work with, that’s great! If not, we’re happy to recommend a number of Architects, Building Designers or Draftsmen we have built relationships with. Depending on your needs, there are pros and cons to each of the services that these professionals provide.

We can help inform the best course of action depending on your specific needs. We also have relationships with the other necessary industry consultants, including engineers, energy efficiency consultants, certified passive house designers, and of course building certifiers, and we would be happy to make introductions.

Planning Approval

After planning approval is complete, we work through the set of construction plans together, providing assistance on final detailing and ensuring the plans represent what is needed for us to build the project. We also offer advice on material selections, whether it’s from a price point of view or the durability and practicality of the product.

Quite often we may do a walk through a current project or meet at Homebase together and also visit some of our suppliers showrooms. For most clients, visually seeing something in real life helps to understand cost and what their home will be like. This extra time spent together really helps build a good relationship well before construction starts.

We continue to monitor the plans and then provide a final costing before submitting to the council for a building permit.

Building Commences

Once construction starts we continue to keep the communication open and pride our selves on being flexible to suit each client’s needs.

Invariably if there are changes there is no hidden fees or extra variation charges above our standard margin. So there is no fear if you want to make a change or add an extra power point. Once construction is complete and you have moved in and made it a home we are never far away. Priding ourselves on having continuing longlasting relationships with our clients.

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