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Our aim is to give our clients guidance and support from the very beginning of the design process to the end of the build when they first step through their doors to their new home. We pride ourselves on good client relations and we are dedicated to giving our clients an exciting, stress-free and comfortable building process.​

We only have a couple of projects on the go at any one time so we can ensure we give each project the time and support required to deliver a superior home each and every time.​


Tru-Line Construction only uses top-ranking craftsmen and tradespeople in Perth who use only the best materials to deliver top quality and highly crafted finishes to create not just designer, functional houses, but beautiful homes.​

Taking the time to review each project in detail and looking for more cost-effective methods allows us to provide upfront competitive pricing with no hidden costs.


Tru-Line Construction personnel will always respect, abide by and fulfil all site safety requirements.​

We believe that a true understanding of on the job safety is not achieved in a classroom and cannot be captured on a certificate – the only true way to maintain safety is through the knowledge of how to complete the task correctly, constant hazard identification and continual improvement of procedures. This will be achieved by our competent personnel and close training / leadership of the lesser experienced. 

About Reece Beresford


Reece started his building career as an apprentice carpenter, following two years offshore working on the oilrigs.

He found his passion while working for a high end builder; firstly as a carpenter, then quickly moving into a supervisors role, and eventually into a project management role, where he worked on projects up to $4 million.

Reece’s ability to visualise and foresee potential issues and a high level of detail is the foundation of what sets TruLine apart from other companies.

As a very practical person, he is always looking to improve construction techniques and deliver better outcomes for his clients.

Reece spends his spare time with his amazing wife and two beautiful children, who are the reason he intrinsically understands the importance of the family home and how important it is to cater to individual needs.

We’re on a mission to build beautiful, healthy environments people love to live in long-term. We don’t just construct projects – we build dreams.

Reece Beresford – Owner

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